Congratulations to our latest Caregiver of the Month, Doris B.!

Doris is deeply dedicated to her clients. She shows great compassion and empathy while working — when in need of a caregiver, our office staff know they can depend on Doris to get the work done! Doris will drive 45 minutes across the city to visit her clients in the hospital, and she puts in the effort to complete all extra training and courses so she can be fully updated with her clients’ needs.

“I work from the bottom of my heart in the best of my skills and abilities so that my clients will have the best value for what they pay for… I try to make them forget their worries and give them the assurance that I am there for them.”

Doris involves her clients in the process of delivering care, and she always shows up on time, knowing how important it is to be punctual so her clients will not feel dejected.

When she’s not caring for others, Doris enjoys cooking, organizing stuff in the house, reading and writing and painting, and listening to music and singing.

“Comforts of Home – Care also celebrates and appreciates their workers, making them and their services valuable. As an employee, I feel like I am part of a family that cares…. The staff coordinators and office staff are also super awesome with listening and addressing any concerns from caregivers, and I get flexible hours and good wages, as well as wonderful clients!”

Thank you, Doris, for always being there and all the good work you do!

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