Hiring an Agency vs Hiring a Private Caregiver

There are many advantages to hiring a care agency vs. hiring a care giver on your own.  Take a look at the comparisons below.

  Comforts of Home – Care Private
Caregiver selection Access to over 200 caregivers who are carefully selected: screened, bonded and insured Run an ad and hope for the best
Training Mandatory initial and continuous ongoing training none
Oversite of Care Initial assessment for social, mobility, safety, and cognitive impairment – provides support and structure to the family none
Ongoing Supervision Caregivers are held accountable to the careplan with ongoing spot checks provided by Client Care Coordinator. Changing needs of client are assessed regularly Answer to the family or client. Caregiver may begin to get comfortable and make increasing demands.   Family is uncomfortable correcting caregiver because they don’t want to lose her.
Changes in Schedule Easily handled by COHC’s large resources. Caregiver may not be available for changes in schedule or increases in care responsibilities
Regular Caregiver not available Caregiver can easily be substituted temporarily or permanently, quickly and easily for holidays or sick days Depending on 1 or 2 caregivers is very limiting and restricting
Payroll and Insurance All source deductions including WCB handled by company Tedious and cumbersome set up of EI, CPP, WCB, taxes, additional Insurance policy. Potential issues with CRA and Employment Standards
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