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Margaret Peters – Five Years Later


Katherine Peters – Global Interview

Podcast – Elder Care – Katherine Peters

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Creating Quality of Life for Seniors at Home

Katherine Peters is living proof that one person can make a difference. She was social worker in a hospital when she noticed gaps in senior care.

“People who were waiting to get into a care home stayed in the hospital for a very long time,” she says. “I thought, ‘What if we could help people go home with support?’ We’re socializes and conditioned to think that a personal care home is the end, but it doesn’t have to be.” Read More

So What Do We Do With Mother?

Due to modern society’s improved health care and the Baby Boomers moving up in age, Manitoba is changing its demographics to a point where there is a disproportionately growing population of seniors. Because of this burst of volume, for those seniors contemplating some of their comfort years, there are also new realities of the degree to which they can expect to be supported by society around them.

Yes the government offers some program support if you get “in” a program but for many seniors it seems infrequent, inflexible, indifferent, and inadequate. Programs often demand that clients be sufficiently incapacitated to qualify so much so that there is a drive to institutionalize rather than interdict with preventative measures. Read More

Strong again, but less trusting

77-year-old recalls attack, vows recovery

THE garish purple bruises are still wrapped around 77-year-old Margaret Peters’ throat, but the feisty victim of an Easter weekend home invasion said Monday she’ll walk alone again. Peters’ case made national headlines when two unknown men attacked the widow in her Fort Rouge home April 5 while she prepared a holiday meal.

The two men threatened and then beat the retired nurse with a rifle, knocked her down her back stairs, and left the grandmother of 18 to lie in a puddle of her own blood and vomit until a relative discovered her hours later. Now out of hospital with facial and neck injuries, as well as a broken foot, the petite woman is forging a slow recovery. Read More

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