Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Care?

Home Care involves receiving one on one care and companionship for you or a loved one in your home, wherever your home may be. Even if your home is a personal care home we are willing and able to accommodate your needs. Home Care services help you to remain safe, comfortable, and independent for as long as possible. The ability and willingness to accept help ironically gives the gift of independence.

What kind of Services do you provide?

We provide client centered care using a good daughter or son model of care. Whatever a good daughter would do or whatever the client wants – if its within our scope, we do it. From a once a week visit to the grocery store or appointments, to 24/7 personalized care. We can even provide full household management – anything from bill paying to getting the furnace fixed – if that’s what you need. We consider the whole person, following a psycho-social model of care. For our fuller list of services, go here.

What kind of Workers do you have?

We have Health Care Aides and Certified Companion Aides.

Do you have Nurses?

We do not have nurses. Some people think they need a nurse, but often they just need a Companion or Health Care Aide to care for them.

How much Training do your workers receive?

Prior to being assigned to a client, all our caregivers must receive a day of orientation in person by our management team. Our orientation includes a briefing on our company practices and standards, training and testing on our policies and procedures, and a questions and answers based approach to common laws and practices related to the health care field. Our staff must complete 4 hours of online training specific to caring for older adults and have all their record checks submitted to the office prior to going on a first shift.

Additionally, Comforts of Home – Care provides monthly in-services to upgrade their training on important related matters to provide the best care for our clients.

Why should I chose Home Care instead of moving to a Personal Care Home or an Assisted Living Facility?

Moving is not the inevitable end to declining abilities. Sometimes a little extra help at home is all that is needed in order to stay there longer. It is important to weigh the options and decide what is right for you.

There are many reasons to stay in your own home:

  • Your home is where you feel safe and comfortable. It is also where many of your memories are. There is no need to re-orientate to a new place if you remain at home.
  • Studies show moving can be very disruptive, and decline may occur much quicker.
  • By staying at home, you can avoid the cost of accommodation and food that would be incurred at a retirement home.
  • Most retirement homes require that you pay for extra care by the hour, just as you would at home.
  • There are subsidies that you may be able to access for home care within your home.
  • Comforts of Home – Care customizes home care services to your individual needs and wants, available to you in your own home.
What is Client Centered Care?

Comforts of Home – Care offers personalized client centered care to all our clients. This means that:

  • We take the time to get to know you as an individual so that we can properly address your needs and concerns
  • By getting to know you and learning about what you want out of your care, we create an individualized Care Plan that considers your personal preferences and requirements.
  • You are assigned a well matched caregiver that is both personable and qualified to meet your needs.
  • You decide on the best time for visits according to your schedule.

We are available by phone 24 hours a day, to listen to any concerns regarding your home or health care, and to address them promptly.

Do you only care for Seniors?

Although we specialize in caring for seniors at Comforts of Home – Care, our services are also available to any person who may need help to remain independent. This includes people with disabilities. We have even taken care of children on occasion.

What is the charge for services?

We usually charge hourly for our services, but because our rates vary, it is best to call the office and speak to a caring professional who can help give you the correct information.

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Are there any subsidies available for In Home Care?

Yes, there are multiple sources of funding that can fully or partially cover home health care services. Please go to our funding page for more information. Contact the office to answer any more questions you may have.

Are your caregivers bonded and insured?

Yes, all our caregivers are bonded and fully insured.

How do I know that your Caregivers are trustworthy and that I will be safe?

Our strict and thorough screening process ensures that all of our caregivers meet the highest possible standards for the delivery of home care services. Each and every employee must have a clear criminal record check, vulnerable persons sector and clean child abuse registry.

Regular “Spot Checks” are made to your home by our Client Care Coordinators in order to make absolutely certain that the care you are receiving meets the standards that we, and you, expect. Our caregivers know they may receive an unexpected visit from the Client Care Coordinator and must, therefore, be on their best behaviour and work to the absolute best of their ability at all times. Spot Checks is also a good time to make sure the Care Plan is up-to-date and the client’s needs are taken care of.

All caregivers must clock in and out using the client’s phone at the beginning and end of their shift. If the caregiver does not clock in, we receive an alert. This way we know if the caregiver has arrived, or if something has prevented them from showing up. Accurate time keeping ensures accurate billing and pay.

Will I have consistency in the caregivers I receive?

Yes. At Comforts of Home – Care, one of our goals is to provide you with a consistent group of caregivers so that you can become comfortable and begin to develop relationships with the people who come to your home. We strongly encourage each client accepts a minimum of 2 caregivers to alternate shifts; in order to allow for more convenient and familiar backup if one employee gets sick or takes a vacation.

Can I choose the times that my caregiver visits me?

Yes, you are able to choose the times of all of your Comforts of Home – Care visits. We will work with your schedule and preferences, whether they be that your caregiver is with you in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, overnights, or weekends. You can also choose the length and frequency of your visits.

Is there a charge for the Initial Assessment?

The initial assessment comes with no charge and no obligation. We want to meet you in your place of residence so we can get to know you and your needs. If you as the son or daughter would rather meet in our office, that option is available as well. Not every situation lends itself to an in-home assessment. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions with no pressure to accept service.

What happens if my Caregiver is sick?

At Comforts of Home – Care, your safety and protection is our top priority. Should one of our Caregivers fall ill, they are instructed to call our offices and refrain from going into work in order to avoid taking any chances of passing along colds or flus. Upon being notified that a caregiver is ill, we will call you to make alternate arrangements that suit your needs and preferences. Because it is inevitable one caregiver cannot be available at all times, we strongly encourage becoming familiar with more than one caregiver.

Do you provide care to people already living in personal care homes or other facilities?

Yes. All of our health care services are available to you in whatever facility you may reside in. Our services are flexible, and can follow you from place to place should your location change. Should you need to spend some time in the hospital, for example, we can supply extra care in the hospital setting until your return home. We can provide care for individuals living in a personal care home who may desire additional attention or personalized care. Phone to learn about our “Share Your Care” service in facility.

How do you communicate with family members?

Our caregivers write in the client binder each time they visit. Family members can write notes back to the caregiver. For family members out of town, we can communicate regularly by phone or email if desired to keep you abreast of any updates. Caregiving from a distance is difficult. Let us be family for you.

How much time do you need to set up care?

Our Client Care Coordinators and caregiver team are trained and prepared to deal with client concerns as quickly as possible. Although we work best with a reasonable lead time of about 2 days, we have set up care in as little as a few hours when needed.

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