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Meet our office team who are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible.  

Katherine Peters

Katherine Peters

President & CEO

Unquestionably, Katherine’s central passion is to make a difference in the lives of other people. Establishing Comforts of Home – Care in January of 2006 was a natural fit. Starting small, hiring only six caregivers, she has grown the company to a small force of almost 300 people!

Having worked through all the office team roles herself, and even taking on a few caregiving shifts herself, Katherine understands every aspect of the company. A background in Social Work and 19 years as a self-employed hairdresser augments her natural ability to help and work with people. As the CEO, sharing her vision inspires her staff with the same passion she has to help older adults and people with disabilities.

It is Katherine’s vision and passion to provide exceptional care and go beyond her client’s expectations. Caring for her mother after she was attacked in a brutal home invasion brought the caring experience to a personal level and served to infuse her with an even greater passion to assist our vulnerable population. Read more here. Katherine expressed, “This business is so rewarding knowing the company makes a difference in peoples’ lives every day!”

Jen H

Jen H

Operations Manager (East & West Office)

As the Operations Manager for Comforts of Home – Care, Jen’s crucial role in our team is to oversee the day to day operations of our company. She started out as a caregiver and was brought into the office as a Staff Coordinator.  Her previous experience as a chef on large teams brings a wide understanding of supervising people and knowing how to get a job done.  Now, as Operations Manager, she brings a full understanding of the business to her job!

Along with a natural talent for being a nurturer, Jen enjoys being able to make a difference in people’s lives. She’s proudly born and raised in Winnipeg and is a Certified Red Seal Chef. Jen is currently expanding her already diverse skills as a member of Toastmasters.

Erin K

Erin K

Community Outreach

Erin was originally hired as a caregiver, but was quickly promoted to the role of Staff Coordinator in the office. After almost two years with Comforts of Home – Care Erin took on the role of Community Outreach. She enjoys meeting many new people in the community and letting them know how we can help.

“I am really excited about meeting new people and all the interaction,” says Erin on becoming the Community Liaison. “I love the company, love what it stands for, and love what we do. I’m excited to share that with people and to see it grow.”

From their life stories to all they have done and accomplished, the seniors she has worked with continue to inspire Erin. “They deserve to be treated with respect by allowing them as much independence as possible.”

Growing up on a farm in Boissevain, Manitoba, Erin brings a fun energy to the Comforts team, and her positive, upbeat attitude keeps her moving forward.

Shan Z

Shan Z

Human Resources

Shan’s role at Comforts of Home – Care is an Office Assistant: she does a little bit of everything, from answering phones to handling client and caregiver information to a whole variety of different tasks on an everyday basis.

Since joining us in January 2011, her background with our company has also included working in Human Resources and as an office manager — she’s a real team player, which balances beautifully with her independent streak!

Watching her own mother age and become more dependent on others has given Shan a soft spot in her heart for seniors and their families. Her sincere desire to help other people and her caring nature makes her an important part of our team.

Born and raised in southern Manitoba, Shan spent 2 years at Briercrest Bible College and moved to Winnipeg in 2002. Shan brings with her 12 years of experience in the Home Care industry and started working as a companion in the community with seniors, before moving on to administrative and HR duties.

Kimberley K

Kimberley K

Client Care Coordinator (East Office)

Kimberley is a Client Care Coordinator at Comforts of Home – Care. She enjoys meeting our clients for the very first time to help determine the best care plan possible. She is passionate about the individual needs of each client follows through to make sure each client receives the experience she promised them.

She loves being part of a team that makes such a positive difference in the lives of others! Adept at multitasking and looking at the big picture, Kimberley has over 20 years of experience in management and has also facilitated at conferences.

“I lead with my heart, always searching for a better way to help,” Kimberley says. She has a soft spot in her heart for seniors — her grandmother passed away in March 2017 at 97 years old, and Kimberley fondly talks about her as a loving, funny, and filter-free character.

Kimberley lived in various cities in Ontario before moving to Winnipeg in 1997. She has a BA in English/Theatre, took Leadership Training at Ryerson University, and did Training & Development at Red River College.

Chelsea B

Chelsea B

Staff Coordinator (East Office)

Chelsea is a Staff Coordinator with Comforts of Home – Care: her responsibility is to manage a region of caregivers and clients. She has the opportunity to get to know clients personally so that she can best match them with caregivers.

Having her own mother suffer from dementia, Chelsea is passionate about providing companionship and care for families and their loved ones. “Helping them remain in their homes for as long as possible is so important,” she says. “Watching my mom go through the stages of dementia and now having her in care, I see lots of elderly people lacking companionship. It’s amazing when you talk to them, how much they brighten up! I love hearing from them. Seniors have amazing wisdom and stories — they all deserve to be loved and have time spent with them.”

Chelsea was born in Edmonton and moved to Winnipeg as a young child. Her professional background has included management and working with young offenders and youth in foster care — she loves being of service.

Janna G

Janna G

Office Assistant (East Office)

Sharing the task of Staff Coordinator with Chelsea and Shannon, Janna enjoys working in the North East area of Winnipeg to choose the best caregiver match possible for our clients.

Janna is confident, outgoing, and a valued team player. “I love helping people and making sure everyone gets the attention and respect they deserve with dignity,” she says. These kinds of values are some of the most important we look for in our Comforts of Home – Care team.

Born in Oakville Ontario, Janna was raised in Thunder Bay. She has a background in psychology and a BA in Gerontology from Lakehead University, so she’s well-equipped for this line of work.

Deborah S

Deborah S

Client Care Coordinator (West Office)

Deborah has been with our company since August, 2010. Originally from Ontario, Deborah has been making an impact on peoples’ lives in a positive way every day. She is a strong believer that keeping a senior in their home for as long as possible helps increase their quality of life.

Taking the time daily to meet with our prospective clients, Deborah is out in the community and sees firsthand the care that is needed. Guiding families to make the right choice for the care they need is key; we definitely have the right lady on the job. Deborah’s background experience in neuro-psychology assessments with geriatric patients gives her expertise in this area. She holds a B.A in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology; with all her training, she still knows how to deliver her services in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Shannon K

Shannon K

Staff Coordinator (West Office)

Shannon is one of three Staff Coordinators at Comforts of Home – Care. She  gets to know not only her caregivers but the clients as well. In so doing she can provide the best matches to make the visits valuable and rewarding.

Having started her career in nursing, Shannon is uniquely qualified for her role with Comforts of Home – Care: she worked as a travel nurse, which put her in many different situations from hospitals to care homes to client homes. “I can relate to exactly what one of our caregivers will go through in their career with COHC,” says Shannon. “I also had to arrange home-care for family members, so I understand how it is to be on the other side.”  If you ask Shannon she will tell you that her role seems custom fit to her experiences.

Shannon was born in Manitoba.  She started out as a rural girl and now has made her home in Winnipeg.

Angie W

Angie W

Office Assitant (West Office)

As the Office Assistant for our Comforts of Home – Care West Office, Angie takes pride in working with people all day and getting to understand each person’s individual needs so we can best serve everyone. She happily spends her days answering phones, greeting caregivers, managing client files, and working with our Client Care Coordinator to add new clients to our system. If you’ve been in touch with our West Office recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or spoken with Angie!

In addition to her work as Office Assistant, Angie is also one of our caregivers. Her fun attitude and genuine desire to help others makes her ideal for both of her roles with us. Angie brings to Comforts of Home – Care eight years of experience volunteering with seniors in the community at Grace Hospital, plus a few more years of experience working as a Medical Office Assistant.

Angie’s 95-year-old grandmother initially inspired her to get involved with seniors in the community. “My grandmother used to be a nurse. Up until a few years ago, she was still volunteering at a senior’s home to take people’s blood pressure and visit with them as a companion,” Angie says. “When she was 90 years old, she told me it was important to help seniors because they really benefit from activities!”

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Angie loves traveling and has been all around the world. She has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and a minor in German.

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