Congratulations to our latest Caregiver of the Month,  Blake S.!

Blake always has an upbeat attitude, and he navigates through challenging situations with positivity and gratitude. He shows great compassion for his clients!

Blake will go in on a day off to help accommodates client’s appointments, he will stay longer with clients with out even second guessing himself, and he always communicates with the office with any changes.

“I enjoy working for Comforts of Home – Care because of our clients we help,” Blake says. “I love working with seniors because I am older and I can better relate with them… I just love to help people who need help.”

Blake’s father had Alzheimer’s, so he has a deep, personal understanding of going through all the stages of dementia. He really appreciates the free courses for caregivers we offer on palliative care and Alzheimer’s, too, and recommends them for anyone else who has a loved one going through a similar situation.

A lifelong volunteer, Blake is a big sports fan and enjoys attending a variety of community events in his spare time.

Thank you, Blake, for always being there and all the good work you do!

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