Wondering what it’s like to work at Comforts of Home – Care? Here’s what a couple of our caregivers have to say…

“When I was much younger, my mother worked in home care and I always wondered what it was about that job that made her happy—and now I know!

There is a very real sense of satisfaction with each and every shift, knowing that you have made someone else’s day just that little bit easier to get through… Comforts of Home Care cares, and that is the best way of describing what we all do every time we see our clients ( we care ) and that makes all the difference in the world for them and for me.”

Mary L.

“I love working for Comforts of Home – Care. I was pleasantly surprised when the company found a client I bonded with and felt a connection with. I stayed with this client until I accepted another position. He and I spent a lot of time just being in a companion setting. He really didn’t need much support, just a friend to lean on when he was overwhelmed and needed some assistance.

Comforts of Home – Care has made it easy to be a companion and a caregiver! The staff in the office are great at matching clients and staff, and the company overall takes care of not only their clients but also their caregivers through numerous activities through the year.”

– Aundrea P.

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