Three of our caregivers shared their experience working with us:

“I’m five years and counting at Comforts of Home – Care. A great place to work, that has offered me a lot of flexibility to my personal schedule at the same time focus on the empathetic care of my clients, putting smiles on their faces; while enjoying the company’s routine training resources that enhances my performance on the job”

Christian O

“Comforts of Home – Care is a well organized establishment that has pushed me to my long term career goals in Canada. From my first day, they have been great and have exceptional staff on ground that are ready to motivate the new hires. With the organization, I have met clients that are now turned friends and accepted me as part of their family. I can boldly say I have enjoyed and still enjoying every bit of my working with them. In December 2018, I was privileged to be named “Caregiver of the Season”. It confirms God’s word in Proverbs 10:22 that says, “the blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow to it”. Comfort of Home – Care has been a blessing! “

– Dorcas A

“I have found that working for Comforts of Home – Care is more than just a job. Each shift is a new opportunity to connect meaningfully with clients and find a way to brighten up their day. I have been thanked by clients for my help and company, but I have found that I am equally as grateful for the experiences, skills, and wisdom I have gained from working with such wonderful clients.”

– Jessica M

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