Virginia* was having difficulty bathing by herself, and she needed some help with meal prep and basic cleaning. She didn’t have much family and was starting to feel lonely. Her friends called us at Comforts of Home – Care, desperate for assistance. 

When we first started working with Virginia, she barely ate. But over time, through the patience, dedication, and compassion of our caregiver, Virginia’s appetite increased and she looked forward to the companionship she received several times each week. Virginia loved having someone close by to chat with and who could provide the support she needed! She often said how much she adored her caregiver. 

It made all the difference because she wanted very much to stay in the comfort of her home, rather than moving to a care facility. It gave Virginia so much delight to have someone around who truly cared about her.

At Comforts of Home – Care, we provide you with the compassionate care you or your loved one need. You don’t have to be alone anymore! We are family when family can’t be there. 

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*name has been changed

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