Steve*, a 90-year-old war veteran, was having difficulty remembering things and moving around on his own when his concerned daughter reached out to us at Comforts of Home – Care for help. He was delighted to have a companion visit with him a few times each week! 

Steve looked forward to the visits with his dedicated caregiver for several months before he began to deteriorate. One day, Steve was rushed to the hospital, and his caregiver kept him company, making sure he was comfortable with her calming presence until his family was able to be there with him. 

His family expressed how extremely grateful they were of Steve’s wonderful caregiver during those months when they needed extra help! 

That’s what we do at Comforts of Home – Care: we are family when family can’t be there, making sure your loved ones are comforted and safe. 

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*Name has been changed

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