This month’s Caregiver of the Season is Candise!

Candise started working here at Comforts of Home – Care in July 2018, and she has already touched the hearts of many of our clients!

Candise enjoys working for COHC because of how amazing the office staff is (“I love the office staff!” she says), and how flexible the scheduling is. She loves that she is able to balance her home and work life very well as a result of joining our team.

She left her previous employment to work full-time with us because she thinks she fits in with the work environment that has been created within our company, and believes her personality works well within the company (we think so, too).

Having consistency with some of her clients and always getting to meet new clients gives her the best of both worlds. Overall, Candise loves being a caregiver!

Her favorite pasttime is spending time with her family, either curled up on the couch for PJ time or being with them in the yard while gardening.

Thank you, Candise, for all that you do!

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