Marilyn* had an inoperable brain tumour, which left her feeling weak and needing to use a walker. She also experienced seizures, and she knew she needed a little extra support in her life—and that’s when she called Comforts of Home – Care.

She still had bright spirits and wanted to be able to enjoy life to the fullest! What Marilyn really wanted was a companion to help her get to leisure events a couple times each week, and occasional caregiving around the home. 

Comforts of Home – Care was there to provide her with periodic assistance when she needed it, from caring companionship in the home to accompanying Marilyn at appointments and more! She gave us a call on an ongoing basis as needed to ensure she could enjoy her life as fully as possible.

Having a caregiver made all the difference for Marilyn… and it can make all the difference for you, too.

Whether you need a little extra help around the home, assistance in getting from one place to the next, or more hands-on personal care, Comforts of Home – Care is here to help! Learn more about the services we provide in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

*Name has been changed.

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