When David* started experiencing health problems and had to stay on at the hospital, his daughter was worried that he would suffer from a lack of companionship: she spent much of her time travelling for work and couldn’t always be there for him.

That’s when she contacted Comforts of Home – Care to see if we could help.

Our caregivers visited David at the hospital regularly when his daughter wasn’t available, and would take him on walks around the building so he got plenty of fresh air. He loved watching the birds outside of the hospital! David sometimes needed a little extra help getting ready for bed and eating dinner, so our caregivers were always there to lend him a hand when needed.

David was accustomed to an active social life and was always ready with a great joke to share with the people around him. Comforts of Home – Care caregivers accompanied him to social gatherings to ensure he could still enjoy the activities he loved, even throughout his illness.

His positive outlook on life and humorous good nature lasted throughout his time at the hospital until he passed away peacefully. David’s daughter was so thankful that right until the end, there were devoted caregivers looking after him and keeping him company when she was unable to be there.

*Name has been changed.

No one should have to be alone—but you can’t necessarily drop everything in your life to care for an aging or ill parent! That’s where we come in.

We’ll care for your loved ones when you aren’t able to, and provide you and your loved ones with the support and compassion you both need.

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