You think you’ve got everything under control. It’s Friday before the August long weekend. Mom is scheduled to be admitted to a personal care home on Tuesday. Everything will be great. You know Dad has health problems, but he has been hanging in there. It has been a tough decision to place Mom in a home, but the personal care home placement will really take the pressure off Dad.

But today, Friday, Dad takes a turn for the worst; he’s having trouble breathing. You have no choice but to bring him to the hospital. Dad is admitted to the hospital. It’s been a long day… but the day is not over yet! What are we going to do with Mom until Tuesday? She can’t be left alone, and she gets up at least 4 or 5 times a night. The time is 5:30 pm before the long weekend. You start calling home-care companies to try to find someone who can stay with Mom… NO ONE IS PICKING UP THEIR PHONE!!!

Then you call Comforts of Home – Care and you hear a cheery voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes, we can help you. You need someone tonight? Sure! Not a problem!” You spend another 20 minutes on the phone giving as many details as you can. RELIEF! They tell you they have found someone who can do all three 12-hour night shifts this weekend. You have family members who can stay with her during the day.

This really happened. This is not the first call we have gotten late on a Friday at Comforts of Home – Care for urgent services on the weekend. In the early years, I remember getting those calls on the weekend and setting up a client within the hour. Now the staff I have is just as dedicated as I am. Kimberley and Shannon stayed at least an hour past their shift end time to make sure this client was able to get the help they needed this August long weekend. And the staff person on-call will make sure everything continues to go smoothly for the rest of the weekend.

I’m proud of my staff and the company we are. We are here to help no matter what time or day it is!

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By Katherine
From the August 2018 Comfort Connection.
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