This month’s Caregiver of the Season is Alison T.!

Alison has been with Comforts of Home – Care since February 2017. Her client adores her and says she is very compassionate and loving. Alison has a very big heart for people!

She enjoys gardening, sewing, listening to all genres of music, and writing in her spare time. She has two beautiful daughters and loves spending time with them and her cats. Alison’s cats are very special to her, as they were presents from her daughters.

Alison is such a people person! She has a neighbour that has lived beside her for as long as she can remember; Alison enjoys baking for her and having her over for tea regularly.

She truly is a caregiver in all aspects of her life.

Thank you, Alison, for your big heart and all that you do as a caregiver!


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