Olivia* was having a tough time: with three children (one of who had asthma and braces on his legs) to look after, plus dealing with a disability herself that made it difficult to move around, as well as a husband that worked long hours with extensive travel, she knew she needed some kind of support system in place.

In particular, Olivia needed a little extra help with managing daily tasks: meal prep, running errands, and light housekeeping. She wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when her new Comforts of Home – Care caregiver arrived that first day, but she was thrilled with the results!

“Our caregiver was wonderful! She was such a huge help,” Olivia raved. Having a caregiver was a load off her shoulders, particularly since she couldn’t bend properly due to a bad back and leg.

After over a year of getting help from her caregiver, Olivia was able to get back on her feet, so to speak. She kept us on a little longer, just in case she needed some extra support, but was finally able to stop using our services entirely.

“Comforts of Home – Care was fantastic!” Olivia says. Having extra support over that challenging year made all the difference for her to run her household and raise her kids with ease. An in-home caregiver meant that Olivia’s disability didn’t have to hold her back, and she was able to get well while maintaining her independence.

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*Name has been changed.

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