When Bev* began requiring extra help and could no longer take care of daily tasks on her own as a result of dementia, she grew frustrated. She felt smothered and didn’t like the idea of being “babysat.” Bev was used to being independent for such a long time that it was difficult for her to accept assistance from a professional.

That’s why, at Comforts of Home – Care, it’s so important to us that every client is treated like family by our caregivers. Bev’s caregiver “kept her distance” at first, simply being in the same room as Bev while reading a book, so that Bev grew more comfortable having her around and realized her caregiver was there to provide a helping hand, rather than babysit her.

Soon, Bev began enjoying her caregiver’s company, and invited her to participate in conversations when Bev was spending time with friends. It wasn’t too long until Bev gave her caregiver a goodnight hug, which was a pretty big deal for someone who had previously not wanted anything to do with having a caregiver!

It’s not easy for your loved ones to let someone new into their life, especially when they initially think it signifies a loss in their independence. But really, it comes down to us matching them with caregivers they adore, and providing an opportunity for them to maintain their independence as long as possible. And that’s exactly what we do with our Manitoba caregiving services!

*Name has been changed.

A few of the things a caregiver can do for your loved one include…

  • Conversation and socialization
  • Stimulation
    • Play board games and cards
    • Teaching basic computer skills – email and web browsing
    • Arts and crafts Projects
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Look at old photos; reminisce
    • Create an indoor ‘garden’
    • Surprises
  • Maintain family photo album
  • General encouragement
  • Aid with reading; discuss current events
  • Writing letters or cards
  • Record family history
  • Assist with walking & physiotherapy exercises
  • Accompaniment to recreational activities
  • Meal planning & preparation
  • Incidental transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Health management
  • Household management assistance
  • Respite care
  • And more!

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