As Pat* aged, more and more health issues began cropping up. She was about to be put in a home because she could no longer do things by herself at home, and this was distressing both to her and her family. 

That’s when her daughter found Comforts of Home – Care.

Pat and her caregiver got along well and enjoyed each other’s company! One day, her caregiver saw that Pat was shaking badly. Alarmed, her caregiver reported this immediately, documenting everything to detail the differences in Pat’s behaviour.

Pat was diagnosed with kidney and heart failure just a couple days later, and her caregiver soon went to visit her in the hospital. Pat was delighted to see her caregiver again! She was smiling, sitting comfortably, and so happy to have a visitor. As Pat was having difficulty eating, her caregiver helped feed her and they chatted about her cat.

Her caregiver continued coming to the hospital and noted that Pat was improving. She was becoming more aware of her environment and smiled widely every time she saw her caregiver.

“Mom and her caregiver really bonded…  it’s been a great source of comfort to her,” says Pat’s daughter.

This is the beauty of having a caregiver for your loved one: caregivers can be like family when you are unable to be there. A caregiver can bring such joy to your loved one’s life!

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*Name has been changed.

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