While we often try to ensure that there’s consistency in having the same caregiver for a particular client, every so often our clients prefer to build relationships with a variety of caregivers. Take Barbara* for example. Barbara needed help with light housekeeping and meal prep, and when she was matched with a caregiver, it was the perfect fit. After the end of her caregiver’s first shift, she immediately called the Comforts of Home – Care office to rave about how terrific her caregiver was!

But Barbara loved meeting new people—and she had a lot of fun changing the appointment times from week to week so she could have the opportunity to build relationships with new caregivers! And no wonder: in her youth, Barbara loved hosting dinner parties and attending local arts and culture events. Meeting new caregivers and spending time with them gave her a chance to relive some of that.

The important thing is to figure out a process that works for each individual person, and we’ll accommodate as best we can.

Hiring a caregiver is a wonderful way to get extra support and help… and sometimes it can be a lovely way to get to meet new people too, if that’s something you’re after.

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*Name has been changed

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