What can you do when you want to be there for a loved one, but you don’t have the time or energy to provide them with the help and support they need on a consistent basis? Hire a caregiver! But it’s not just about hiring any caregiver… it’s about hiring the right caregiver.

For Diane*, this made all the difference. Her nieces hired Comforts of Home – Care to provide companionship on a weekly basis, and it was a match made in heaven! Diane and her caregiver developed a close bond right away, spending their time shopping, going for lunch, laughing, and being in all-around positive spirits around each other. 

“Having a caregiver brought joy and fun into her life,” one of Diane’s nieces said. “It was such a relief to know that someone was caring for our aunt who genuinely cared about her wellbeing! She knew just what to do to make her feel special.”

From needing help around the home as we age to needing extra support and assistance due to health failure, having the right caregiver can become the perfect companion… and they can be just like family in your loved one’s life.

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*Name has been changed


Want to learn more about hiring the right caregiver for Caring Companionship? These are just a few of the activities it can involve…

  • Conversation and socialization
  • Stimulation
    • Play board games and cards
    • Teaching basic computer skills – email and web browsing
    • Arts and crafts Projects
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Look at old photos; reminisce
    • Create an indoor ‘garden’
    • Surprises
  • Maintain family photo album
  • General encouragement
  • Aid with reading; discuss current events
  • Writing letters or cards
  • Record family history
  • Assist with walking & physiotherapy exercises
  • Accompaniment to recreational activities

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